Monthly Archives: October 2015

New dates for 2016 – Online Course Finance for Housekeepers

Projects_LnABest practice with hands-on tools and tips to control Departmental costs and spending. Supportive online learning which is interactive, engaging and flexible!!

This self-directed course enables Housekeeping Manager’s to think critically and become more financially savvy. The focus is on practical skills for the workplace, expanding and developing professional confidence.

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Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Cleaning Carts

By: Ronnie GarrettCeaningTrolley

Increase efficiencies by capitalizing on all the benefits of cleaning carts and caddies. Cleaning carts and caddies come in countless shapes and sizes. Some are plastic or cloth, while others are stainless steel. Some offer customisation and lockable compartments. Some feature sleek, executive looks, while in others, functionality outweighs appearance. It can be difficult for custodial operations to wade through this sea of options and find a cart that meets their unique needs, but it’s something that must be done.

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