Melbourne’s recycled soap is saving lives in India

Soap made from the recycled hotel soap on the left. Photo: Simon Schluter

Soap made from the recycled hotel soap on the left. Photo: Simon Schluter

We’ve all done it. Ripped open a packet of soap in a hotel bathroom only to use it a couple of times before checking out and heading home. Few would ever wonder what happens to that barely used bar. Fact is, it ends up in landfill. Millions of tonnes of “waste soap” a year is generated by the hotel industry worldwide. But not for much longer, if the Melbourne-based not-for-profit group Soap Aid gets its way.

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Soap Aid in India

soap aid in indiaSoap Aid was started in Australia by Mike Matulik fo Concept Amenities. A way of recycling used soap and distributing it to developing  countries in the region. Here is an excerpt from a recent email update

As some of you are aware I have just returned from a week in India for strategic workshops with our local Soap Aid distribution teams (Rotary) there, meetings with government officials, a media launch, as well as visiting several very poor villages to better understand the communities and conditions we will be targeting with our recycled soap.

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L&A Finance for Housekeepers Workshop held in Moscow, Russia in October sponsored by Miko Hotel Services

for blogMeike Hofemann Zhang, L&A Associate based in Germany travelled to Moscow in October to deliver the inaugural Finance for Housekeepers workshop though the full sponsorship of Miko Hotel Services.

12 participants attended on the first day with another 7 on the 2nd day. The course was delivered in English by Meike with full translation into Russian by the translators provided by the Suppliers.

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Collaboration with Qooco in Bali


Liz was in Bali last week working at the Stones Hotel with a film crew from Qooco. This exciting new project for Qocoo Hotel follows on from the launch of Qooco Hospitality aiming to lift the English and Mandarin skills of hotel staff. The new product is about improving service and delivery standards through simulated lessons using as App on a smartphone. All very exciting so watch this space…

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Introduction to new L&A Auditor based in Bali Indonesia – Ms Margit Arnold


L&A are delighted to announce a new member of the team based in Bali Indonesia, Ms Margit Arnold.

Margit’s role as Auditor will be to assist L&A Associate Agnes Zlotek Petit in her duties under the Corporate Housekeeping banner for Swiss Belhotel International in Indonesia.

Margit was born in Germany and is a graduate of Speiser’s Hotel School in Tegernsee, Germany. She began her career in the hospitality industry in 1977 at Holiday Inn Eibsee near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In 1978 she moved to Munich Hilton, which was to be the start of a 14-year career with Hilton International. Click Here To Read More

Housekeeping Operational Review of the Observatory Port Macquarie

ObsLiz was recently engaged by the owners of The Observatory Port Macquarie to undertake a 2 day Housekeeping operational review. The goal was to take a look at systems, procedures, staffing and indeed all aspects of the operation in order to see where improvements could be made. Liz spent time with the management and housekeeping teams to assess efficiency and effectiveness of everything from cleaning tools and equipment to sequence of service and the team itself.

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Cleaning without Chemicals – update

high dustingThere have been several developments in the world of Housekeeping with relation to cleaning without chemicals. These include exclusive use of microfibre, combined use of microfibre and steam in hospitals and advances in nanotechnology for surfaces.

Microfibre only - Radisson Blu in Sydney Australia is now in its 6th year of using only microfibre and water in the cleaning of their guest rooms and public areas. Maureen Jolowicz, the Executive Housekeeper and also President of the Professional Housekeepers Association of NSW has maintained the overall system she first started in 2008 with some modifications. Housekeeping Room Attendants pick up their cleaning pack every morning at the start of their shift including a blue microfibre cloth for each room, 3 scourers for the floors and shower tiles and their bucket with a water spray bottle and the only chemical used – a disinfectant spray for the toilet bowl.

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Liz works at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow Scotland

111resized for blog

Some work and some play!

Following on from a stint at the Winter Olympics in Sochi earlier in 2014, Liz recently spent 3 1/2 weeks in Glasgow working for the iLuka / SSE hospitality programme. Based at the Hilton Garden Inn as Hotel and Rooming Manager she was responsible for coordination with the hotel on the 70 guest rooms used during the Commonwealth Games programme ensuring all rooms were ready for the arriving 140 guests daily. She managed to get to see a couple of events including the Rugby 7′s finals (a nail biting match between South Africa and NZ which SA convincingly won!) and the netball finals between New Zealand and Australia. Even though this assignment is not typical of the L&A Housekeeping area, all the elements for the role of Hotel and Rooming Manager are part of Liz’s skill set and it is great to be part of these exciting games.

More guest lecturing at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

for blogLiz continued in June with the guest lecturing series at the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School campus in Leura, NSW. With 2 intensive days of workshop incorporating many group exercises and activities the Masters students increased their knowledge of Housekeeping operations in order to gain a Masters Degree in International Hotel Management and Global Business Management.

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Liz at Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia


Megafon Sochi Winter Olympics Management Team with lollipops and mascots

What’s a Housekeeping Consultant doing working at the Winter Olympics?

Even though Housekeeping Management training is our core business at L&A, I took some time out of the training schedule at the end of 2013 and start of 2014 to get involved in another passion – The Olympics.

The Sochi Russia Winter Olympics is my 5th Olympics and I love it.

I took up my role as Silver Programme Manager for Megafon at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in London late November 2013.

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