Stone and tile care: the cost implications of getting it wrong


Acidic glass cleaner has been used to clean the shower door, but the marble shower floor hasn’t been protected from the run-off chemical which has caused substantial damage.

This article was written by Gary Phillips – MD of Slique, Australasia’s stone and tile care experts.

Tiled surfaces – and particularly those using prestigious natural stone – are some of the most expensive surfaces that cleaning staff will be required to maintain. There are inherent risks with any surface, but the risks are magnified when the surface is highly sensitive to incorrect care, and extremely expensive to repair or replace should it be damaged.

In this article we look at some of the damage that is often caused by cleaners, and the cost implications for each scenario. It should provide excellent motivation to avoid these situations!

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The Power of Steam

Steam CleaningIn the accommodation industry, presentation is paramount. First impressions are everything and guests are quick to make judgements about the cleanliness of their accommodation.

But appearances can be deceptive. Some cleaning methods are only ‘skin deep’ and what you see is not necessarily what you get.

The old mop and bucket days are well gone but many traditional methods of cleaning may provide the “presentation” but not the “cleanliness”. Straight vacuums, for example, merely produce a top surface clean rather than the necessary deep clean. Vacuuming only lightly picks up surface dirt, when the actual odour-causing grime, dirt and soil is deep down.

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South East Queensland housekeeping fraternity encouraged to learn and network

SEQ 5With a busy schedule of regular events, the South East Queensland Professional Housekeepers Association (SEQPHA) delivers an ongoing program of education and networking opportunities for executive housekeepers. Its most recent get together was a monthly breakfast held at The Point Hotel, Brisbane, with some 35 members and guests in attendance.

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Don’t forget International Housekeeping Appreciation Week and this year it’s from 14 – 20 September 2014

from 14-20 Sept

Duop Mop system in use at Jumeirah Carlton Towers London

duop mop 3

While Liz was in London recently she caught up with Anne Britton at the Jumeirah Carlton Towers, Anne showed the last cleaning technology – the Duop cleaning system.

Its a very clever mop/ hand tool designed by  Worksafe Technology in the UK, a company established to eliminate the causes of frequent and recurring workplace injuries. By combining their expertise in product design, development and technology, their aim is to take a fresh look at common accidents and injuries in the workplace.

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How to hire quality Houseskeeping staff and keep them? An Australian perceptive

aging worksforceWhen anyone books a room at a  hotel or resort, the first two things we do when opening the door is check for cleanliness , then the mini bar or the other way around.

The mini bar for some strange reason we believe is free or we suspend belief that it costs an arm and a leg . Why we do this? ,  I’ll never  know .The gods of mini bar must shake their head in bemusement. It’s not till the checkout, do we step back into reality and blame the kids , except they do not drink Corona’s dad.

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Hot or Cold for carpet cleaning? What’s the Answer?

hot or coldDo you wash your dishes in cold water, whether by hand or in an automatic dishwasher? Do you think it is more effective to wash your hands in cold water? Is it easier to melt away grease and oil on a soiled commercial kitchen floor using cold water?

If your answer to all of these questions is no, then I have one more question for you: Why would someone clean carpets with cold water? There is a very important reason heat—along with agitation, time, and chemical action—is one of the four fundamental components of cleaning, and that is heat speeds up the molecular activity of chemicals so they work harder. The process helps loosen and dissolve soils from carpets so that they can be more effectively removed. For the hotel housekeeper, more effective removal of carpet soils means an easier and more productive shift.

Studies reporting on the value of heat in cleaning date back to the late 1800s. Svante Arrhenius won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1903. One of his discoveries, which is referred to as the Arrhenius equation, is that heat increases chemical action. Essentially, Arrhenius found that for many common chemical reactions, the reaction rate doubles for every 10-degree Celsius increase in temperature over about 87 degrees Celsius.

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Team Clean in Honolulu focuses on training and education

Clean team HawaiiHonolulu based building service contractor Team Clean Inc., has 400 employees in its family, otherwise known as “ohana”. The company has been honored by Hawaii Business Magazine as a best place to work in 2008, 2009 and 2010 – The company’s tag line is “We Live to Clean.” Team Clean puts raising the status and standards of cleaning as a profession first. They were the first BSC in Hawaii to earn CIMS-GB. – Instead of janitors or cleaners, employees are labeled as cleaning professionals, cleaning specialists, cleaning experts and cleaning masters. Click Here To Read More

Housekeeping keeping up with the guests!

Yes we have cleaned under here also

A fun idea from one Housekeeper for guests who get down on their hands and knees and inspect under the beds. A nice little surprise to show that Housekeeping is on it! Let us know if you have a best practice you are proud of and want to share with the global Housekeeping fraternity. We love innovation and the sharing of ideas no matter how big or small they are! Liz

Soap Aid Australia – saving lives by re-using waste soap

“Well over half of the 9000 children that are estimated to die from disease every day in our poorest countries could be saved by the routine use of hand washing with soap,” says professor Martyn Jeggo, director of health programs from Soap Aid.

Every day, thousands of hotels across the globe, discard millions of pieces of soap. In an Australian first, Soap Aid, a not-for-profit organisation, is collecting the pieces of waste soap from hotels and converting it into a potentially lifesaving program. Soap Aid literally takes soap used once or twice by guests from hotels and ensures it is recycled into a hygiene improvement program focused on washing hands.
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