Doha Housekeepers Group catch up

Doha Housekeepers groupThe  Doha Housekeepers Group regular bi monthly meeting focussed on “GOOD NIGHT SLEEP” as good sleep is always in demand; guests just want to have a good night’s rest during their hotel stay. 72% of all hotel guests say ” a comfortable bed is the most decisive factor when selecting a hotel.The bed is an essential part, no matter which segment and category of the hotel. Every visitor needs a bed to sleep, and only with good sleep are hotels able to achieve best performance.”

Eva-Maria from Mühldorfer flew all way from Germany to share her expertise for a good night sleep with their  “Bio-Nature by Mühldorfer”, which is a range of selected downs covered in the finest untreated cotton. This new product line is produced on the basis of carefully chosen 100% cotton qualities from pesticide-free farming, which are subject to a particularly gentle process – unbleached and undyed, no chemicals are used for yarning,”

Housekeepers were assisted to develop their Pillow menu & discussed their business requirements were discussed ,they were fascinated by Horse hair pillows & cherry stone pillow & appreciated down feather plush tops & duvets.

Eva & AynurEyad with JosephHousekeepers Checking the qualityEva ; Cornelia ;Ledrah ;Zhennia;Prabhat & Kirsten

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