L&A Finance for Housekeepers Workshop held in Moscow, Russia in October sponsored by Miko Hotel Services

for blogMeike Hofemann Zhang, L&A Associate based in Germany travelled to Moscow in October to deliver the inaugural Finance for Housekeepers workshop though the full sponsorship of Miko Hotel Services.

12 participants attended on the first day with another 7 on the 2nd day. The course was delivered in English by Meike with full translation into Russian by the translators provided by the Suppliers.

A full agenda included

Definition of financial terms, types of budgets and classification of materials

Difference between a Capital expenditure budgets vs. an Expenses budget

P&L’s structure and components

Factors impacting on Rooms’ departmental profit and the hotel’s yield.

Obtain relevant information to be able to analyse the Housekeeping P&L

Occupancy related expense lines

Interpret financial information and analyse variances

How to fix mistakes

Control of your expenses and your P&L

Control and monitor monthly costs

Compose next year’s budgets

Calculating your manning

Cross charging


The participants enjoined the L&A presentation on Global Trends and Innovations followed by great presentations by the sponsoring suppliers.

Some of the feedback from participants was:

“Great and helpful”

“Great speaker, everything was very clear, presentation was also good”

“Got new information, refreshed some information”

“Thanks for the manning calculation”

“Clear explanations with useful samples”

“Helps to improve my financial skills”

“Useful for properly managing operations in the housekeeping department”

” We are all growing into our positions and in doing so lack some important information, we are all ready to learn more & more, thank you.”

L&A’s Liz and Meike plan to return in 2015 for a follow up workshop.

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