Student Testimonials: Online Finance for Housekeepers course

LnA_Graphic_successThe online course, Finance for Housekeepers took place over the last few months and students have now completed the course. This course is delivered online, study is flexible as students take part when it suits them, but they move through the course in a group and are able to meet to each other via a forum. Check out some of the student feedback below:

Thanks very much for the LA course, it made everything clearer about Finance related to Housekeeping department especially as my facilitator Meike always responded to me on time and put me on the right track. It was a pleasure for me. Keep in touch

“It is a fantastic learning tool that benefits you from the material itself and other colleague’s experiences”

The course was well structured and built up on essential knowledge displaying the nature of the course Finance for Housekeeping Managers. The support given by the tutor and the feedback was fruitful and practical to use. I would certainly sign up for further courses offered by L&A. Thank you very much!

It was very useful and I really appreciate all the support from facilitator during my course. Thank you very much Meike

At the beginning there were some worries, however I took time to do the course and I found it more and more interesting.

During the process one must to do preparatory work, meet with your financial controller or sales team or human resources and discuss and ask specific questions, making notes. It also required related staff to be involved (such as: laundry manager, store keeper and Financial Controller) they gave specific data and analysis, this made it easy to help to finish the task. I must say don’t be afraid to do the wrong thing. Ms Meike will do the summary, according to her feedback and then you do it again or launch a discussion on the forum, sharing your experience with other hotels. This is a great learning experience.

I have been about 12 years holding a position of Director of Rooms at 6 different hotels and I am certainly directly involved in Rooms P & L meetings, preparing Room division budgets and monthly Room division performance presentations. By learning this on-line course of Finance for Housekeeping Managers it is gave me stronger based knowledge particularly about Housekeeping expenses and overall budgeting.

The course structure has been very consistent and well composed, that has allowed learning the material competently.

Finance for Housekeeping Manager Course is professionally designed to concentrate on housekeeping and convenient to any busy professionals. After completing the course my whole view of departmental financial aspect has changed 360 degrees to the brighter side and I can now present or answer confidently any related issues. I definitely can say that I have learned further in this course and I recommend to any professional Executive Housekeeper, which for sure will add a value to their experience. Finally I would like thank Mrs. Meike Hofemann-Zhang who was a professional facilitator throughout the course.

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