Corporate Housekeeping Services

L&A provides corporate Housekeeping consultancy and training services on a flexible, efficient and cost effectively tailored time plan.

A designated Consultant assists with any projects for existing hotels or in pre-opening phases, ensures the achievement and maintenance of consistently high standards for all hotels in the Group while guaranteeing corporate discretion and confidentiality.

How does it work?

Upon appointing L&A as the Corporate Housekeeping Services Provider, the Hotel group is able to enlist the Consultant for the full range of Housekeeping services. This includes a set number of days for the group at any of their properties for the length of time required. Assignments can be undertaken at existing properties or may include help with pre-opening properties.

Who is it for?

Any Hotel company who require the assistance of Corporate Housekeeping services to improve and enhance their Housekeeping operations. This service is particularly suited to medium sized Hotel companies who do not require a full time Corporate Housekeeper

What will they learn?

With L&A working with Hotels throughout the group, cultivation of corporate guidelines and quality standards can be undertaken. Executive Housekeepers throughout the group will have a coordinated and uniform approach to all aspects of Housekeeping operations.

How long is it?

Corporate Housekeeping services can extend anything from up to four weeks per year up to 3 months

What are the benefits?

Clear corporate guidelines for the Housekeeping Department including quality standards, productivity and consistent results.

What can you expect?

Areas which can be covered within Corporate Housekeeping services include:

  • Review of Corporate Housekeeping operations manual, determining and defining minimum Housekeeping standards to ensure consistency throughout the Group.
  • Develop best practices and performance measurement tools ensuring corporate specific service values are consistently fulfilled in all hotels.
  • Regular periodic operational reviews of each property in consultation with the Executive Housekeeper
  • Coaching, mentoring and formulation of personal and corporate succession plans for Housekeeping Managers for existing and new properties.
  • Review of all FF&E and development of corporate standard guidelines.
  • Review of all operating supplies and equipment establishing minimum standards and corporate guidelines.
  • Assistance in pre-opening and opening Housekeeping operations both on site and off site.