Hospitality Consultancy Services

Competition and customer expectations in the hotel and hospitality industry continue to demand improved individual and team performance. ‘Rooms’ are the core business of most International hotels and the efficient and professional management of this department; both financially and in its consistent delivery of quality standards are of immense importance.

L&A is an experienced and energetic consultant and training company providing a range of hospitality consultancy services and housekeeping training aimed at the improvement and maintenance of standards of performance of hotels’ Housekeeping operations.

L&A’s experienced team and our consultancy and personalised training programmes can assist your personnel to improve the operations of your Housekeeping operations and enhance the reputation and profitability of your hotel, as it has for many of our clients.

At L&A we are dedicated… to provide innovative and effective training… to the highest hotel standards.

Personalised Operational Review of Housekeeping Operations

All aspects of modern Housekeeping Management are covered by this 3 day programme. It is suitable for Housekeeping Managers, Rooms Division Managers and all those responsible for Housekeeping operations.

Mystery Guest

This workshop is specifically designed to address the challenges of leading the diverse labour force in Housekeeping.