Finance for Housekeepers online learning course

LATEST COMMENTS FROM THE 2014 COURSE “The content of the course is very well presented. It is clear and precise and I never fell bored a single second. I was actually looking forward for the next module.” Christelle Van Ende, Executive Housekeeper, Swiss-Belhotel Seef Bahrain The overall objective of this workshop is to clarify everyday Housekeeping related operational finance and accounting practices. It explains in simple and clear language the different budgets a Housekeeper deals with, the structure, reading and analysis of a P&L, and offers many tips and tools on how to save and control departmental costs. The program thus develops participants’ confidence and professional know-how when dealing with the financial management of their department and enables them to contribute to the profitability and financial success of their operation.

How does it work?

The course provides a supportive online learning environment. Activities that foster the development of critical financial and accounting competencies for Housekeeping operations include for example:

  • clear and simple audio visual explanations of key concepts
  • downloadable on-the-job tools and templates for use during and beyond the programme
  • Interactive forum to engage and network with other learners
  • case studies to practice and apply learnt concepts and principles
  • practical work exercises

Throughout the programme participants? progress is appraised through a series of small exams and assessments (such as problem solving case studies, short written assignments, quizzes, etc) which are evaluated by the facilitator and returned to the participant with individual comments, feedback and suggestions.

Upon successful completion International participants receive a Lycette & Associate certificate and Australian participants a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

Who is it for?

This on-line program is particularly suitable for those responsible for the financial success of the housekeeping department and its sub-departments; especially newly promoted Executive Housekeepers, up-and-coming Assistant and Senior Housekeepers, and Rooms Division Managers with a front office background. The programme creates an open and supportive environment in which every question is answered — even those that Housekeepers are often too shy or embarrassed to ask in their own hotels.

What will you learn?

The fully accredited (Australia) online “Finance for Housekeepers” program is mapped against the three financial Units of Competency from the Australian Certificate IV in Hospitality from the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Training package v2 (SIT07).

The course contents includes:

Module 1 — Interpret Financial Information
  • Understand financial terms and concepts
  • Structure and components of a Rooms Division P&L statement
  • Analyse a Housekeeping P&L statement
  • Fix mistakes and take control
Module 2 — Tools to effectively control costs
  • Tools to control and monitor labour cost
  • Tools to control and monitor operating equipment cost
  • Tools to control and monitor operating expenses cost
Module 3 — Plan and prepare future budgets
  • Capital expenditure budget
  • Expense budget — labour
  • Expense budget — operating equipment
  • Expense budget — operating expenses

How long is it?

Self paced 6 to 8 weeks

What are the benefits?

This program empowers and up-skills Housekeeping Managers with financial management competencies which allows them to contribute positively and constructively to the overall financial success of their operation. It enhances self-directed learning and critical thinking through research activities that lead to the implementation of various tasks in the workplace and provides opportunities to connect with and learn from peers. The clear focus on the practical application of skills in the workplace expands and develops participants? professional confidence and creates tangible value for the learner and their organisation.

What can you expect?

The “Finance for Housekeepers” program is an interactive and engaging online course which can be undertaken in participant’s own time at home and/ or at work provided there is access to a computer, high-speed internet and printer.

The program is constructed in 3 modules which are scheduled to be facilitated over a 3 week period, followed by 2 substantial work based practical assignments which require a further 3 weeks. The overall course is scheduled to be completed in 6 weeks total. Participant’s commitment is expected to be approximately 20 hours with the majority of time required in the first 3 weeks of the course. Although the online program offers maximum flexibility for each learner, it is recommended that participants allocate some time each day to move through the program comfortably as a group with the other learners.

Scheduled dates

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