Housekeeping Management Skills - People & Product

This 2-day programme covers all aspects of modern Housekeeping Management. It is suitable for Senior Housekeepers, particularly those newly appointed to the position, their Assistants and Senior Supervisors.

How does it work?

This is a 2-day workshop designed to provide a training programme to existing Housekeeping Managers that will deliver concrete Housekeeping Management skills to meet the business needs of the growing hospitality industry.

Delivered in a choice of two modules, it focuses on Housekeeping staff management and training and Maintaining quality products and services. Modules can be selected and combined individually, and can be tailored to fit particular corporate needs or company objectives.

Who is it for?

This programme is suitable for Senior Housekeepers, particularly those newly appointed to the position, their Assistants and Senior Supervisors.

What will you learn?

The overall objective of the Housekeeping Management Skills Programme is to improve the performance of housekeeping staff by targeting two critical areas of operation:

  • People - increase staff retention, effective leadership skills, personnel management and development
  • Product - achieve and maintain consistency in presentation standards and property upkeep

How long is it?

With a choice of two modules, the typical workshop extends over 2 days. Each workshop day runs from 09.00 – 17.00, with 1 hour for lunch, which is provided.

What are the benefits?

Apart from all the knowledge gained, the networking opportunity and sharing of best practice within the group makes this an invaluable experience.

What can you expect?

Housekeeping Management skills programme sessions are lively and interactive and encourage networking and learning through shared experiences. This programme is ideal for corporate events such as Executive Housekeepers' conferences or seminars and compliments our online Finance for Housekeeping Managers’ course.

  • Facilitation by an experienced professional with a wide range of international housekeeping and management experience in leading organizations ? Ariane Lellmann
  • Theory, supported by PowerPoint presentation, comprehensive hand-outs and other course material
  • Group discussions, case studies and role plays
  • Practical work exercises
  • Assessment and coaching through implementation processes of all practical exercises
  • Project initiation through personal development sheets
  • Personal development track sheet
  • Certificate issued by L&A to all participants on completion of the full 2 days
  • Supervision of the process
  • F&B for all participants; arrival coffee/ morning tea/ lunch/afternoon tea

Scheduled dates

Enquire about datesThere are currently no dates or venues scheduled for this course. If you are interested in seeing this course held in your location please complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you shortly.