Quality Assurance Programme for Housekeeping Managers

This programme is designed to provide hotels and groups of hotels with a customised and tailored 1-day programme for Housekeeping Managers in which key strategy tools and skills are given to establish and maintain quality assurance. Through this interactive workshop participants are guided to develop specific corporate guidelines and quality benchmarks to maintain consistent Housekeeping Standards within the company.

How does it work?

The overall objective of the Room Quality Assurance Programme for Housekeeping Managers is to improve the performance of senior housekeeping staff by targeting one of the most critical areas of operation:

  • Product - achieve and maintain consistency in presentation standards and property upkeep

This is facilitated by experienced professionals and participants are guided through practical work exercises to come up with corporate Housekeeping quality standards and guidelines

Who is it for?

This programme is suitable for Executive Housekeepers, their Assistants, Housekeeping Managers and Rooms Division Managers

What will you learn?

Topics include:

  • Understanding performance standards and setting their criteria
  • Problem solving with the Ishigawa technique
  • Housekeeping quality management techniques
  • Learning how to introduce “Housekeeping Quality Circles”
  • Learning how to make Housekeeping performance measurable
  • Developing check lists with objective numerical assessment
  • Implementation of numerical assessment check lists with customer focus
  • Public Area cleaning concepts and control systems with group activities
  • Developing strategies on how to attract staff into Housekeeping and how to motivate them once they are there.

How long is it?

The typical workshop is a 1 day event.

What are the benefits?

Participants will develop an open mind approach to new management options and the subject of change, and encouraging positive response to ever increasing pressure to perform effectively.

They will learn to manage and sustain the consistent quality performance of the Housekeeping team through the application of effective leadership tools.

Participants will develop a structured training system ensuring successful high impact delivery of key learning points.

There will also be development of leadership skills including how to manage, motivate and inspire their team.

What can you expect?

Quality Assurance programme sessions are interactive and goal focused. The participants are required to come up with specific corporate guideline and quality standards by the end of the workshop ensuring consistent standards throughout the company. Networking and sharing of best practice is also an important element of the programme.

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Scheduled dates

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