Training Programmes for Room Attendants

This training programme teaches fresh recruits the skills and knowledge in the basics of housekeeping operations enabling them to become Room Attendants. Theory and practical sessions can be tailor-made and developed specifically for each individual property; participants will leave this programme with a sound understanding of the functions in Housekeeping and an ability to make up guest rooms including all those duties undertaken by a Room Attendant. All participants are assessed at the end of the training period with a full list of recommendations. This programme is particularly useful for Hotel Openings and can be conducted in the local language.

How does it work?

This is a custom designed training programme for Hotel openings where large groups of Room Attendants need to be trained together. The programme is also useful for training of new recruits in existing properties. The 2 week training incorporates theory and practical sessions so the Room Attendants are ready for Housekeeping operations from day one.

Who is it for?

New Hotels training Room Attendants prior to opening. Also useful for existing Housekeeping operations with constant Room Attendant turnover, ensuring consistent training and quality standards are maintained.

What will you learn?

Over the 2 weeks, every aspect of Housekeeping operations relevant to the Room Attendant job description is covered. Corporate standards and guidelines are also constantly reinforced.

2 week training course includes:

  • Housekeeping terminology, basic customer service and personal presentation skills
  • Accessing rooms, floor setup, equipment, supplies and chemicals used on the job
  • How to make up a guest room including; preparation, stripping and bed making, bathroom cleaning, dusting and polishing and final check
  • Security, safe work practices and emergency procedures within Housekeeping

How long is it?

The programme is designed to take raw recruits to Room Attendant in 2 weeks.

What are the benefits?

A coordinated approach ensures all Room Attendants are trained to the same standard.

What can you expect?

A fully trained team of Room Attendants with all the skills and knowledge required to provide consistent quality Housekeeping services.

Scheduled dates

Enquire about datesThere are currently no dates or venues scheduled for this course. If you are interested in seeing this course held in your location please complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you shortly.