L&A Housekeeping Health Check

Please complete the questionnaire below, providing answers to all 15 questions and then filling in your contact details.

Your results will be evaluated immediately upon submission and recommended follow-up actions suggested.

  1. How would you define your current annual turnover for housekeeping staff?

  2. Do you currently measure and record the daily productivity for each Room Attendant?
    This means allocating work based on minimum daily productivity - rooms cleaned by Room Attendant per day?

  3. Do you have a quality control system or cleaning performance standards measurement in place where you are measuring the quality of all Room Attendants monthly with scores?

  4. From the current Rooms Division P&L, what Housekeeping expense lines go over budget?

    Guest supplies:
    Cleaning supplies:
    Linen laundry:
  5. Does your Housekeeper have a plan to reduce costs within Housekeeping?

  6. Do you analyse your negative guest comments?

  7. How often do you give discounts and rebates to guests due to poor Housekeeping services?

  8. How often are you conducting a house linen stock take?

  9. What is the % of towelling lost per month (both discard and unaccounted loss) as compared to a % of total par?

  10. What is your current par stock for bath towels?

  11. If you outsource any housekeeping services (e.g. public areas, hard floor maintenance): do you measure these contractors’ performance and if it is not up to expectations do you deduct an agreed % from their monthly invoice?

  12. Do you have a centralised system for control, storage and distribution of housekeeping chemicals, guest supplies and cleaning supplies?

  13. Do you currently conduct your training for new employees with a full checklist detailing each task and outcome with assessments?

  14. Is your Housekeeping training conducted by a dedicated housekeeping trainer – rather than a buddy trainer?

  15. How many ongoing training hours are conducted per Room Attendant per month?

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